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The Best News Ever

How come some of us can’t wait to see the positive test results, and some can’t handle it? See why this is the best possible news ever!

Family Behavioral Patterns

Family behavioral patterns are the habitual ways in which family members interact with each other, communicate, and behave in different situations. These patterns are shaped by a variety of factors…

How ‘Love-Hate’ Relationships Hurt Our Children

Love-hate relationships, where two individuals oscillate between intense love and intense hate for each other, can have a significant impact on children who are exposed to them. Such relationships can hurt children in several ways: Emotional Instability: Children exposed to love-hate relationships often experience emotional instability, as they witness their parents or caregivers swing between…

Who Owns Your Heart?

Babies have a way of captivating our hearts and making us fall in love with them. Here are a few reasons why a baby can own your heart: Innocence: Babies…

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